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Welcome to dlisio. dlisio is a python package for reading Digital Log Interchange Standard (DLIS) v1. Version 2 exists, and has been around for quite a while, but it is our understanding that most dlis files out there are still version 1. Hence dlisio’s focus is put on version 1 [1], for now.

As of version 0.3.0, dlisio is extended to also read Log Information Standard 79 (LIS79) [2]. An extended version of the LIS79 standard called LIS84/Enhanced LIS exists, but this version is currently not supported by dlisio.

Before you get started we recommended that you familiarize yourself with some basic concepts of the DLIS- and LIS file formats. These are non-trivial formats and some knowledge about them is required for effective work. A good place to start is the user guides: DLIS User Guide and LIS User Guide.


DLIS and LIS files are often “wrapped” in “container”-formats. Essentially this is just extra information needed for the file to be correctly read by a tape-reader and does not add anything to the well-logs themselves. Maybe the most common one is the TapeImageFormat (TIF). TIF is automatically detected by dlisio and both DLIS and LIS files wrapped in TIF can be read without any special care from the user. There are other container formats or TIF-modifications with unknown origins that dlisio does not support. DLIS and LIS files using these formats or modifications will fail to read.


dlisio can be installed with pip

$ python3 -m pip install dlisio

Alternatively, you can grab the latest source code from GitHub.

About the project#

dlisio attempts to abstract away a lot of the pain of LIS and DLIS and give access to the data in a simple and easy-to-use manner. It gives the user the ability to work with these files without having to know all the details of the standard itself. Its main focus is making the data accessible while putting little assumptions on how the data is to be used.

dlisio is written and maintained by Equinor ASA as a free, simple, easy-to-use library to read well logs that can be tailored to our needs, and as a contribution to the open-source community.

dlisio is divided into 3 subpackages:

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