Tape Image Format (TIF)

From version 0.2.0 dlisio supports Tape Image Format (TIF) files. TIF is a file format used to wrap other file formats, like DLIS, such that the file can be read by tape readers. A TIF’d DLIS-file is simply a regular DLIS-file plus some extra information that tape readers rely on in order to read the file. This information is of no use to the consumer of the file and there is no semantic distinction between a regular DLIS-file and a TIF’d DLIS-file.

Unlike other known DLIS-readers, dlisio does not require you to run the file through a tapemark-remover prior to opening it or to explicitly inform dlisio whether or not the passed file is DLIS or TIF. In practice this means that you as a consumer of dlis-files never need to know nor care whether your file is TIF’d or not, and can always open the file as if it was a regular DLIS:

with dlisio.load('tif.dlis') as files: